Private Classes
Private Classes
Kids Yoga
Kids Yoga is a great way for youths to explore what they bodies are capable of doing. These classes teach kids about community, partnership and love and kindness for themselves and for others.
Prenatal Yoga and Pilates
ALOE Pre and Post Natal Fitness classes are effective, safe, low impact workouts that are specially designed to support your changing body during pregnancy and aiding after pregnancy.
Pilates for Everyone
Pilates is a form of exercises which isolate the core muscles to create strength & flexibility. We offer Pilates classes for your level; Fundamentals for newbies, Pilates for Everyone & our Progressive Pilates classes for advanced students.
Yoga For Everyone
Yoga is a form of exercise incorporating, standing & seated postures. At ALOE we offer classes for your level; Fundamentals for new Yogis, Yoga for Everyone and our Progressive Yoga for Intermediate & advanced students.
Food and Nutrition Consultation
Food Consultation & weight loss expert
Corporate Yoga and Pilates
The ALOE Corporate Yoga and Pilates program helps to create a healthier lifestyle for your staff through movement, motivation and team building. These classes are tailored to your team and brought directly to your office

Change Your Body with Pilates in Dubai

Pilates is one of the gentlest, yet most effective possibilities for transforming your body. The exercise system is suitable for everyone, regardless of age and fitness level. Finding the best pilates classes in Dubai, however, is a prerequisite for getting all of the workout benefits.


A Life of Energy offers pilates Dubai classes that are an excellent option for building long and lean muscles. To address the needs of all of our students, we’ve developed a variety of different programs for pilates in Dubai including:


  • Cardio pilates
  • Pilates matwork
  • Prenatal pilates
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced individual pilates classes





Why Pilates Classes in Dubai?

Pilates classes will help you strengthen your body and experience a vast range of benefits. Wondering whether you should give pilates in Dubai a try? The exercise system can result in all of the following advantages:

  • Pilates classes Dubai are suitable for just about everyone
  • The system guarantees quality whole-body workout
  • Pilates strengthens the body without bulking it up
  • It can be used to boost flexibility and agility
  • Pilates is great for increasing the strength of the core muscles
  • It improves posture
  • It increases energy and enhances your mood

Why ALOE Pilates Classes Dubai?

Want to strengthen your body, improve the definition of your muscles and gain more self-confidence? Pilates is the perfect workout system for you. Why should you, however, choose pilates classes in Dubai from A Life of Energy?

We pride ourselves in the quality of the workouts and the attention to detail. The instructors will monitor your progress, target problem areas and make sure that you’re performing each pilates exercise correctly. This assistance is essential for enjoying a safe and 100 percent efficient workout.

If you need more help fine-tuning your health we have a resident Nutritionist that can help you make better choices in the kitchen so that you understand that fuelling your body properly with healthy foods helps your exercise routine flourish. We offer free consultations to help you get started. 

Ready to get started with pilates? Take a look at our Fees and Packages page, contact us today or visit our convenient location in Dubai to schedule your first pilates session.